Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quick Update 10/08/2011

     It's been a looong time. Almost a month? (Or more?) I don't know, but it's been a very long time since I blogged. I've just been busy with school and sports. But hey, it's paid off, I'm pretty sure I'm getting good grades...I hope.
     I've been pretty happy, though there have been some down times, I'm just taking everything in stride. I'm happy to say that I hope I'll be back soon. It'll still be the occasional FOTD, swatch, haul, or tutorial, but I hope that makes someone happy.
     On the note of tutorials, my parents actually bought me a Canon HF 40, something like that. It's a HD camcorder, that's actually HD, unlike the previous Toshiba which I returned. It also auto focuses. They just ordered it so it hasn't arrived. I think my next post/video will be my birthday haul.Oh yeah, the camcorder is for my sweet 16, October 9. (I'm only 16, and a junior in hs)

But yeah, nothing else to say. I'm going to go eat something and do homework. (:

Thanks for reading! Byebye. :D


  1. Happy Birthday Val!!! :) Omgsh I just realized that you are younger than my baby sister (she is 9 yrs younger than me) lol. Hope it's a fun one and don't forget to eat a lot of cake!!! <333

  2. happy belated!!! hope u had a great day!! and welcome back :)

  3. I tagged you in an award/tag :)

  4. @Amy: Thank you, you're so kind and thank you for always checking out my blog. (: Haha, very young.

    @Oreleona: Thank you very much! I will definitely try to do the tag. (: