Sunday, March 4, 2012

Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye and Cheek Palette for Spring 2012 Swatches and Review

     I'm of to SoCal guys! Seeing that I'm a junior I've begun to visit colleges and get a good idea of what type of school I'm looking for. I'm still completely unsure about what my passions are and what I want to major in, but hopefully something might be sparked from this trip. I'm also taking three days in Disney Land while in down in Los Angeles.
     Speaking of traveling, today's post is going to be on a palette that is perfect for traveling. I don't think I'm taking this palette to travel because I don't want to deal with eyeshadow on this trip and I'm afraid I'll lose it. Paranoia is my worst enemy...
(Sorry about the fuzziness of the first picture)

ohmygod, gorgeoussssss.
I hope you guys can guess what is what. But from left column to right column:
(1)buff pearl, tawny apricot, rich cocoa, (2)rose desire, fresh peach, (3) pale pink, african violet, black plum

buff pearl is a multi-shimmer creamy white champagne (long description, yes?). What makes this color stand out is the multi-colored shimmer, but once it's on the eye or if its not looked at carefully, it just looks like a normal cream champagne. The shimmer particles are also quite large.

tawny apricot is a pinky mauve with very small purple shimmers. It's quite a muted color, and I don't see any "apricot" in the shadow. Once again, the shimmers are on the larger end. This is one of the sheerer colors in the palette, when swatched.

rich cocoa is exactly what it says it is, a matte rich cocoa brown. It's not the darkest brown, but I like that. This matte shadow is incredibly smooth and blendable. It applies evenly and it's really pigmented.

rose desire is quite a cool-toned hot pink with a satin finish. It's the first of the two blushes in the palette. It is very smooth, nice pigmented, and I don't have anything bad to say about it. Note: cool-toned pinks are great brighteners for warm-toned skins like mine, just don't go overboard.

fresh peach is a neon-pastel peach with a satin finish. It's the second of the two blushes in the palette. I think that this blush is one of the more true peaches that doesn't lean pink, coral, or orange. However, depending on your cheek's natural tint, this may alter the color of this blush. The characteristics of this blush are same as I described for rose desire, above.

pale pink is a matte pinky-purple creamy white. It's nicely pigmented and can be blended easily. Not much to say about this eyeshadow, quite normal.

african violet is a red-plum purple with a lot of gold shimmer/glitter. This is one of the Laura Mercier shades that gets talked about a lot, but I don't love it. I'll talk about the wear of the product later, but first of all, I had to continually pack on this shadow for it to show and the glitter basically goes away with any blending.

black plum is a matte very dark browned royal purple. It's smooth like rich cocoa, but it applies more unevenly and it's less pigmented.

     The wear of one of the shadows is my biggest criticism of this palette. I've found a good eye primer, so I'm pretty confident that it's not my primer. I just find that african violet fades and loses its purple-ness as the day passes, which bothers me. The other colors are fine though.
     My highest accolade for this palette goes to the blushes. I'm amazed that these blushes last on my skin because I have literally never found a blush that I can truthfully say lasts on me (NARS, MAC, Illasmasqua), even cream blushes. Though they weren't as vibrant as when I applied them, they still remained largely intact by the end of the day. I also did a little duo-blush thing one day by applying fresh peach from the apples to the hairline sheerly, then concentrating rose desire on the apple and the combo was really pretty

     Overall, even though I don't think the eyeshadows in the palette are particularly interesting, I think the palette is a wonderful palette to have. It's everything a neutral wearer would like i.e. me. It's an amazing all-in-one palette and it took me a while to review this because I was really testing out everything so I could give a good review on how the product actually works. There are so many combinations and looks that can come out of this palette, but I really like the simple neutral eye look that can be achieved using only the first column. I definitely recommend this palette, get it while you can!
     Maybe I'll do one or some FOTDs with this palette?...

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  1. I've been eyeing this palette for so long!! Thanks for the swatches and thorough review :) You should def do an FOTD with this gorgeous! xx

  2. This is a beautiful palette, the shades in it are really versatile, wearable and feminine. It's great to hear the blushes are a hit - the colours are gorgeous!

  3. @ Amy: It's awesome! Maybe I will. (:
    @ sleepandwater: Definitely. Blushes were basically the reason I bought the palette.