Saturday, November 12, 2011

Video: Another Haul 11/12/2011

    A couple of my friends put together a huge Sephora gift card for my bday, a while back. I saved it cause I knew the F&F would come so I could buy more. Retail therapy straight up. One more week of finals for the first trimester. And I'll be freed. haha.

Thanks for watching! Ask me to review and swatch stuff!! Byebye. :D


  1. I heart your hauls ^_^ pls do a review of the shiseido mascara if you have time!! xx

  2. Damn, that's a nice haul (huge, yes?)... I'd love to hear your thoughts on that MAC peachy blush, and on the Shiseido mascara as well!

    Oh, I just got my first Rouge Volupte, and I love the smell also! :)

  3. @Amy: Hehheh. Thank you! I have that coming up!

    @Pretty Me Purple: Yup, huge. Definitely! Mangoes. Yum.