Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't Bite Your Nails: Butter London Knackered Swatch + Quick Review

     I always find holographic or duo-chrome polishes really interesting. However, duo-chromes tend to come in colors that I find extremely unflattering on me. Knowing this, I still couldn't resist Butter London's Knackered from their Spring 2012 collection. It's too cool and I must say, I'm completely impressed even though the color doesn't totally suit my color palette. I took a video to kind of show you the effect the polish has other than the duo-chrome. But please remember, this is even more interesting in real life.

     Butter London Knackered is a multicolor "duo"-chrome with small rainbow glitter particles. In different angles and lighting it can flash gunmetal, lavender purple, hot pink, blue, and lighter green. In addition, the rainbow glitters add another crazy dimension to the polish. Obviously, pictures could not justify the polish and surprisingly video couldn't either; it's one of those real life must see nail polishes. Personally, my favorite part of the polish is the mini rainbow glitters that under sunlight makes the polish look animated (actually!). Now down to logistics. The payoff from the polish isn't amazing, but it builds up well. The swatch here is three coats for pretty much full opacity. The application of the polish is wonderful. Because the polish is pretty sheer, it's also pretty thin, but that means that the polish won't get clumpy or thick, no bubbles either.
     Overall, if you can get your hands on this, I highly recommend it. I also suggest layering this over a darker polish for  less coats and different effects.

Thanks for reading and watching! Please leave me any comments. :x

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