Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rapid Lash Week 1 Update

     I've always had pretty thin, short lashes, but they were decently full until recently. I think my lashes were really suffering from my must waterproof mascaras, but one the right eye, the lashes were just disappearing. As in, there was a huge patch where there were literally no lashes (maybe like 2 really short ones). So mascara was applying unevenly, and I was just plain worried.
     Before this little ordeal, I had already been thinking of getting a lash serum, because my favorite part of makeup application is the lashes, and who doesn't want beautiful lashes? I had been looking into the product, and there were all sorts from kind of cheap to really expensive. I knew I wasn't getting from expensive, so I needed to find a cheaper, yet effective serum. I decided to go with the mid-priced, but decently reviewed Rapid Lash Growth Serum. Another bonus is that this particular lash serum usually goes for around 50$, but once every couple of months HauteLook will have it for 25ish bucks. Steal!!
     So, I just finished my first week (+2 days but whatever). I'm so sorry I did not take pictures of the original, but I'm going to do it for week 2. Anyways, I already see results! Nothing major but my the bald patch has grown in though it's a bit shorter than the lashes around it. The upper lashes on my right side which are much more random/sparse/wtf have grown in number (not that many, just a little) and are a tiny bit longer. The upper lashes on the left eye have also grown in length. The lower lashes on the right side, have stayed strong and may have grown a bit in length. The lower lashes on the left side which have always been near to non-existent without mascara, have grown in number and a bit in length. Overall, I'm really pleased with such quick (though small) results and I'm excited to see what will come in the next few weeks.
     Well of course these types of things come with some negatives. The reviews of Rapid Lash say that the serum will cause discolorations on the areas applied, and sensitivity. I already have discolored lash lines naturally (which looks like I'm wearing eye shadow when I'm not!), and brown discoloration. But there's definitely red discolorations that are not permanent. This can make you look really tired or allergy irritated. Secondly, the sensitivity is also true. My eyes still water and itch after I've used the serum, but it's not extreme. Note that I really do have quite sensitive eyes.
     Anywho, I'm willing to suffer these little minor things for the decent results I've seen. I'll beginning taking weekly pictures starting tonight after I've removed my makeup and I'm ready to go to bed!

That was such a text heavy post, omg.

Thank you for reading (if you got through it, I won't blame you if you didn't, I wouldn't have)! Byebye. C;

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