Monday, May 28, 2012

Dior Summer 2012 Lip Swatches and Review

     Gahhhhh! I really wanted to put this post in my Passion for Peaches category, but honestly, none of these products are really peachy. On me at least, well, I'll still tag it in that category.
     I saw this collection, and I didn't really want anything but the lip products. The main "driver" was the Addict Lip Balm in 003 Crystal Coral, because I'm a huge fan of the original Addict Lip Balm which has color adjust technology or something like that. When I saw a new color, I needed to have it, so I got it. Haha. So here's the whole lot of things/swatches/review. Note the full face swatches as a better representation of the colors.

Bare lips
     Well, I'm pretty biased for this lip balm. The original is my official favorite lip balm of all time, trumping the Korres Lip Butters, the Rose Bud & Co. Lip Balms, and the fresh Sugar Lip balms. Essentially, 003 Crystal Coral has the same formula as the original; it has a thicker consistency that really sinks in the the lips. I have quite dry lips, and I can guarantee that this lip balm keeps them moisturized for a good amount of time.  Because it is thicker, it stays on longer and without eating or drinking I can peak with a 2-3 hour wear time (for real). Compared to the original, which gives a healthy rosey color to the lips, 003 Crystal Coral gives a reddish coral tint. This swatches quite orange with a little bit of golden shimmer (the shimmer does not seem apparent on the lips). Maybe when my lifes are paler that usual, it'll really turn out to be a orange! I like both the original and 003 equally...for now. I'm wondering if I should get a back up of this, it's all I've been wearing since I got it.

      354 Palace from the regular Addict line is a sheer warm baby coral pink; there's a hint of shimmer that's quite undetectable on the lips. When swatched on the hand, it looks warmer than when it's applied on the lips. I think the color's quite flattering for every day wear, because it's not what I would call a nude, but like a colored nude. Natural enough to wear with both a nude eye or a darker eye. I do have to say however that the color applied a bit unevenly on the lips. The texture is smooth and semi-glossy, I get about 2-3 hours of wear with a lighter shade of Lip Addict Lipsticks.

     544 Jet Set, also from the Lip Addict line, is a jelly red-orange coral with (bare there on the lips) micro white shimmers. The color is very summertime, and follows this years trends without overdoing it. It's a good lipstick for the shyer souls who stick to pinks and natural lip colors. I wouldn't describe this as sheer, but a jelly finish because you get good payoff with a translucent look. It's got a good amount of shine and because it's a bit brighter, I get about 3-4 hours of wear. Very comfortable and not drying.

     Note that the regular Lip Addict Lipsticks consist of sheerer glossy lipsticks that are reminiscent of lip balms with more pigment. I think 354 and 544 fit really well into that description.

     003 Crystal Coral is the most orange of the three (most natural), 345 Palace is the most pink (palest), and 544 Jet Set  is the most coral (brightest). So take your pick.    
     Overall I'm satisfied with this collection. It's pretty obvious I favor the 003 Crystal Coral Lip Addict Lip Balm, just because it's the type of tinted translucency I love in a lip color. I've pretty much convinced myself to get a back up... I think Dior really addressed a good range of colors with these lip products and I'm sure most people can find a color that they like.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment or question below. Byebye. :D

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