Friday, June 1, 2012

Reached Blogger Photo Limit Again!

Quick post, I have a new post prepared so what should I do! I'm not happy about the new terms for adding more storage cause basically, I have to pay money every month! Any suggestions? Would any of you follow me on Wordpress, is the Wordpress photo limit any better? Please help!


  1. Oh please don't move to Wordpress because of that! I have reached the Blogger limit a looooooooooong time ago, then I went with Photobucket but that was a mistake because of their incredibly stupid bandwidth limit that I reach within ONE DAY, I also tried ImageShack but they also have a storage limit, and when I asked for recommendations I was told was great... and it really is, so far! Fast and easy to use, no stupid bandwidth limit, and no storage limit as far as I know! Hope it helps! x

    Also, did you know you could easily switch from Captchas to comment moderation? Easier for your readers (: