Friday, July 6, 2012

Life Update: Tech and Wholesome Funnn!

This is a text heavy post with pictures at the end. I don't expect anyone to read this.. ; -;...

Update of life: THE TECHNOLOGY GODS HATE ME. If you've followed me for a while, you know I haven't had much luck with anything tech involved whether it be Windows Live Movie Maker, my camcorder, my always missing SD cards, and now my laptop. I'm currently working on a 4 to 5 year old MacBook, yeah, one of the cute little white ones. What happened was my regular Toshiba has some major flippin' problems with the connection between the battery and the charger; it's not the charger because I tried a new one and I'm just sure. So I finally cannot charge it and it won't turn on. In desperation, I grabbed this MacBook my dad had used once a long time ago. It's crappy as well... All the Microsoft apps are gone and I don't know how to get them back. All of the editing systems are gone and the computer is too old to update or something. I'm just plan like WTF am I supposed to do. So did I edit my last post? I used some online editing site which is such a hassle. I don't think any videos will be able to get on any time soon. FML, summer plans= ruined. I'm going to beg for a new computer...

     Another thing! I'm slightly annoyed with my newly done nails, which I will post a swatch post on later. I have two top coats (butter London and Sally Hansen Instant Dry). The first I think<-- chips in like two days, and the second which I used this time caused bubbles! I used it last week and it didn't do that! What is going on...

     ON THE HAPPIER SIDE OF THINGS. One of my best friends (I wonder if she will read this) and I were thinking about how teenagers (us included) have fun through only technology. And it's true, so we made a little summer bucket list of things that are technology-less. Good wholesome fun. So we combined this goal with one of my favorite things everrr. We went nectarine and peach picking! Whutwhut. Another one of my best friends (I wonder if she's reading this) joined us and oh my god it was so amusing. We also had a bit too much fun in the car, stuff I will not divulge in. I'm not sure if they're cool with me posting their faces on my blog, so I'll try to only pick ones with me. Here some pics, creds to one of the best friend's awesome Canon T3i and multiple photographers:

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     I highly recommend anyone who wants to have a good day off with some delicious smelling fruits to go fruit picking. It's great. (:

I'm too tired to think and type more so I'll leave it off for now.

Thanks for reading, if you actually read this. Byebye. :3

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