Monday, January 17, 2011

MusicLoving?! ft. TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down

     Have you all noticed my recent music in my playlist? Yes, I have an obsession with my Korean singers. Here is my current favorite!

TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down (Why?)

     This is TVXQ or DBSK or Tohoshinki or 東方神起. This means "Gods Rising from the East". Talk about Asian Pride. (: For those of you who don't know about TVXQ, they were originally a 5 member band comprised of Yunho/U-Know(Leader), JaeJoong/Hero(I had an obsession of him, which is gone, for now...), Changmin/Max(Youngest), Junsu/Xiah, and Yoochun/Micky(He was in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which is a drama that did relatively well. He's sorta my favorite right now). Yes I know all their names, but let me tell you, these guys are big. They're super famous in Asian countries. Nomnomnom. So why is the above only two people? I'll tell you in a sec...Here are two of my favorite videos by TVXQ with all five members:

TVXQ - Mirotic (This is in Korean, they originate from Korea, I prefer it this way.)

TVXQ- Why Did I Fall In Love With You? (This is in Japanese, this is one of the only Japanese songs I liked from them. I don't like when Korean artists shift focus from their home country to a different country.)

     Great or what? So why was there only two people in the first video?
What happened was the group has some legal problems with the mother company (SM Entertainment, famous for many groups). So Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu left the company and formed JYJ. Yunho and Chanmin stayed. 

     JYJ has made an album and you can go check it out, their title song Ayyy Girl features Kayne West and M. Yusef. I don't really like it, it doesn't show their talent at all, they just sound weak, they do however look amazing... I also don't like that it's in English. I dunno. 

     Anyways, Yunho and Changmin still staying with SMENT has allowed for them to create a very powerful album. Not that SMENT is the only company that can do this, but man, this is a great album.I love powerful videos and a powerful song to add to that, and this delivers. It's back to the old days like with Mirotic. And boy do I love the intro dance routine thinger magiger. (:

     So, lastly, I hope that TVXQ, JYJ, and SMENT think about what they've done. I hope for the group to join together again for their max. talent to be shown. I think their fans deserve it for how much they've supported the group.

Oh and TVXQ has won a couple awards for their Keep Your Head Down song! Congrats. (:
Please support them.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Byebye. :B

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