Monday, January 17, 2011


     Hohohoho...It's been a very long while since I made a post. Actually, not really, maybe a week? Well, I've done a huge amount of hauling and I will soon make some posts on those huals, but first let me show you all some stuffzzzz. Hehheh. I'm actually suppose to do be doing homework right now, but I've lost my ability to concentrate. :/

So this is me, haha yay. Do I look tired or what? It's school+homework+lackofsleep.
I'm wearing my lovely cheetah pants with a bright red But lemme say...
This is not the point of the photo! The point is the cool effect. The photo was taken by my friend, I'm not telling you her name. But what she did was she set the camera on a medium shutter speed, 1/8. Has the camera zoomed out all the way at first, then right when she took the photo she zoomed in. Cool huh?  I did some cropping to get rid of distracting stuff in the background. Oh and, my paleness added to the effect, my friends started saying I'm looking like a vampire. And I haven't been wearing makeup because I've been trying to get as much sleep as possible!

Next is this killer! I took this one. Did I forget to mention I'm in a photography class at school? Well I am. I took this photo for a assignment for movement. What I did was I set the camera on an insanely long shutter speed, 30 seconds, and I just moved the camera around. Plus, I was in a car and I asked my mom to drive somewhere with more lights. I thought it looked like electricity and fireworks. What do you think?

     So thank you for looking at the pictures, and I will be posting more makeup posts, and if you'd like, leisure posts like this! Hope you all have or had a good day.

Byebye. :3 BACK TO HOMEWORK!!! Woohoo.