Thursday, January 27, 2011

No More Painful Popped Pimple! ft. ZAPZYT/ Review

     Only recently have I had a cystic pimple, which in my case hurts and bothers me all day. I was glad that the pimple was hidden behind my bangs but regardless of that I was bothered the whole day. My quick fix for a painful pimple is ZAPZYT!

     ZAPZYT is a cream/gel, I don't know, formula. It contains (like the packaging says) 10%  benzoyl peroxide which is a common acne fighter, the other being salcylic acid. The directions say to apply this gel on any blemish to make it disappear. It says it decreases the size of pores and prevents blackheads, oh, and decreases oiliness. My take?

     I tried applying the gel where I was oil (T-Zone), and I haven't seen any results for decreases oiliness. I tried apply this on blackheads and I haven't seen too much difference, however this does I feel slightly prevent blackheads. I tried applying this on my large pores and I don't see any difference. I did however see a large difference when I applied this to a cystic pimple or a popped pimple. Although the results are not drastic, when I applied this gel to a cystic pimple the pimple slowly decreased in size over a matter of 2-3 days. Usually my cystic pimples can last on my face for up to 2 weeks! When I applied this to a popped pimple that was slightly inflamed (I was in pain!), the pain went away over night and the inflammation decreased.

     Overall, ZAPZYT is a HG skincare product for me, I find it necessary in acne prevention. The bad thing is that it only works for some symptoms and your skin becomes slightly reliant of it. For me, if I stop using my benzoyl peroxide, I start to get tiny breakouts in only a couple of days. I do stop using BP when my skin seems to be getting used to it. When that happens I wait a week or so and if I see any breakouts I will start using the product once again. I also make sure that I have an extra good moisturizer in my skin care routine, because benzoyl peroxide can really dry out your skin. I've heard that BP can bleach your clothes, but that has never happened to me so I can't say anything.

Note: 10% BP is a lot, but my skin isn't too sensitive, so I am a-okay with it.

     That's my review/tips for using BP. Thanks for reading. (:
Byebye. *w   *

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