Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NARS Gilda Powder Blush Swatches + Quick Review

     Yayyy, I'm finally back with another post. (: Along with my love of peach, I have developed quite an affair with corals and orange because I find those colors interlace in many products. Today's post is on NARS Gilda Powder Blush. (:

     NARS Gilda is a matte coral with a bit of orange. The powder is really smooth and pigmented. When used incorrectly, I would not be surprised if someone had a hard time blending this blush. Honestly, I think this looks best on tanned skin. Being a bit darker than I prefer, I feel that this blush looks amazing on my new skin tone compared to when I wore this during my more pale days. During my pale days, I thought this blush looked like a sunburn leaning to the negative sides when applying this a bit more sheer. If I wanted to wear this when I was pale, I had to wear it more bold so that it was apparent that my blush was a blush and not a sunburn. I get nice lasting power from this blush, about 7-9 hours, before the blush slowly fades off.

OMG Valerie not wearing mascara or lip color?? The world is ending! Face swatch!

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  1. I cannot believe I don't have Gilda... I have Gina, which I thought would be similar, but now I'm not so sure. What I do know though is that you look great! I love it.

    PS. You still look pretty without any lipstick.

  2. @JC: How do you like Gina? Thank you. (:

    @RainyDaysandLattes: Thank you! I really appreciate you always leaving me sweet comments!

  3. Beautiful on you! I think I'll be ordering this one soon. Thanks!!!

  4. gina and gilda look very similar, but i think gilda look better on yellow based skin tone:)
    gilda look really nice on your!

  5. @miu: I think Gina might be more orange which intrigues me. Thank you!