Thursday, December 23, 2010

AGH. I missed out!

     Have you missed out on things that you wanted really bad, but could not justify the price? Or did not know about it until it was unavailable? Here are some things I've missed out on, and I regret so much...

This is the Madden Girl Callie Wedge in Brown, I found this a couple nights ago only to find that my size was no longer available... I was going to go for the brown or black color, but both options are unavailable...WHY CAN'T MY FEET BE SIZE 7 and not size 8?? I've looked everywhere online for this, but no luck so far..

This is the Coach Cassy Wedge. I blogged about this a couple posts back. I found this on the Macy's website for about 133 dollars, and I just couldn't do it. By the time, I decided that I would buy it, it was unavailable in my size..(once again) I checked the Coach site, and was happy to see it for only 89 dollars, but they did not have my size either! The only place I can find this right now is Dillard's online, but the price is 178 dollars there. Not happening!

Currently, I'm looking into booties with wedge bottoms. If you find any please let me know!

Right now, I'm considering....
This is the Steven Madden Women's Warrick Clog. It's very similar to the Madden Girl Callie  Wedge which is why I'm considering this shoe. But it's double the price of Callie! I also don't like the brown as much...

Oh and I wanted to show you guys a chain that sells designer brands for a cheaper price... I actually have not purchased from. They don't sell things online, but hey..if you have a store near you, check it out:

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