Saturday, December 25, 2010

What I Think Frames A Face: Eyebrows

     In my point of view, there are parts of a person's face that really define or perfect a look. They give structure, and when they are made up well, I think that even if you do not have much makeup, you can still look "prepared". (These are my opinions!)


(These are eyebrow shapes, pick the perfect one for yourself!)
I think eyebrows really frame a face. They draw attention to your eyes and when done properly, they can give yourself a certain "mood". 

     For me, I choose to have a serious/mischievous(lol) aura. For the diagram above, my brows are most like number 13, expect less vertical and more horizontal. My angle is not too strong and my arch is not too high. I am often mistaken to be much older than I actually am, so I'm very careful to not pluck too many eyebrow hairs out, because fuller brows keep a person looking youthful. I also keep my arch natural so that my eyebrows don't look too done, if that makes sense, haha. 

     Luckily, I don't have to fill in my brows because my hair is so dark. But if you've seen in one of my previous FOTD's, I went overboard with my eyebrows, so much so, that I looked like a cartoon villain! Not a look to sport... Currently, if I do wish to "do" my brows, I use a light hand and only fill in sparse areas. I make sure not to forget to blend out whatever I do to my brows, who wants patches? Not me...

     I own the LORAC Take a Brow kit in the darkest shade (i think), and if I do use those brow powders, I'm very, very careful because the powders are so pigmented. I'm looking into purchasing the Anastasia Highlighting Brow Kit which comes with a baked brow powder trio, a baked highlighting trio, and clear brow gel sample. What do you think?

     So, what do you think defines a face?
More parts coming! Thanks for reading, byebye. :B

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  1. I love big eyebrows :)

    I kind of notice them subconsciously on people