Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sephora and MAC Haul

     I haven't gone shopping in like 2 months...more like 1. But I finally, decided to splurge because of Chinese New Years. Wootwoot. Yay, for red envelopes. Yes, I am on my modified project 10 pan, but version is modified... Ok, more like I caved in.

 Swatches of the MAC Items: From left to right: Myth Lipstick, Cherry Lipliner, Dazzlelight Eyeshadow

 NARS Luster Blush on third finger to the right.

 Sephora Exclusive Fairy Drops Scandalous Queen Mascara 

     Sorry that these photos are kinda blurry. ): The MAC lipstick was back to MAC so I didn't get a box. ): Sadsad. I also bought clothes, so maybe I'll do some modeling for you guys later. (:

Thanks for reading! C:


  1. Every one seems to be very excited about the fairy drops mascara. Can you do a review and share your thoughts? Thanks.

  2. I wanted to get myth too but i cant find it in singapore... kinda gave out.. super nice pinkish colour!

    Nice haul btw and happy cny!