Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zoya Haul and Don't Bite Your Nails: Zoya Valerie + Swatch

     A couple weeks ago, Zoya, nail polish manufacturer, had a really weird but cool deal thing because they reached 20,000 likes on facebook. Yay to facebook because Zoya had a deal where you could get three of their nail polishes and all you had to pay was shipping. I took advantage of this and made two separate orders and in total only pain like 12-14 $$$. It's an amazing price because normally Zoya nail polish is 7$ for one nail polish. I've never tried Zoya polishes, so this was the perfect time to do so.

     From left to right: Shivon, Penelope, Casey, Asia, Felicity, and Valerie (I bought Valerie cause of the name. ;D).

      Now here's my nail polish application:

I used...

 L'Occitaine Shea Butter Hand Cream

OPI Start to Finish Top Coat

Zoya Nail Laquer in Valerie

Start with clean bare nails, I have just polished them with a nail buffer.

Apply your hand cream to avoid the drying of your hands.

Apply your base coat to prevent your nail color from staining your nails.

Apply 2 coats of your nail color, then finish off with your top coat. 

     Although I still can not give a formal review of Zoya nail polishes, I can say that the nail polish in Valerie has a great texture that allowed for very easy application. Valerie is a beautiful dark plumy purple with hot pink shimmer/glitters. In the bottle it seems to have some orange shimmers/glitters, but so far, I do not see that being the case on the nails.

     I often change my nail color every week, so if I have the time,I will put up picture of the next Zoya polishes I will try. If I am satisfied with Zoya polishes, I will probably continue purchasing. I am also in search for a nail treatment, and I am looking into Essie's Matte Top Coat for a matte finish to my nails!

Thanks for reading, byebye. -w  -

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