Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fairy Drops Scandalous Queen Mascara Review!

     Recently, I purchased the Fair Drops Scandalous Queen Mascara from Sephora and made a haul post. Fannie from commented for a review and I am glad to do this. I've tried this out for a week and a half and I think I can review it throughly now. Information of wear you can buy this product and how much it is will be at the very end of this post!

     So to start off, what do I look for in a mascara? I have short to medium straight lashes, so what I look for in a mascara is length and the ability to hold a curl well. I also like mascara on my bottom lashes so that is a factor I consider. I've recently been looking for a mascara that is water resistant so that it'll hold a curl well but won't pull out my lashes when I try to remove the mascara. The Fairy Drops mascara is water resistant and that is the reason for me purchasing it. It claims to also curl the lashes which was another condition that I was looking for. It is a fiber mascara!
    I think the mascara does a nice job of giving non-clumpy length and even a bit of volume. It works fine on my lower lashes (not amazing, but not bad...pretty good) It also washes off easily with warm water but it does not smudge throughout the day from sweat and heat. I do have some problems with this mascara though because I am so insistent on a mascara that will hold curl.

     When I apply this mascara, I begin by properly curling my lashes. This means I curl at the root of my lashes, and I continue curling until I reach the tips on my lashes. This way my lashes do not look crimped. I then apply one coat of the mascara. In a matter on minutes, my curl is gone and my lashes are back to being straight and point downwards. At first I was very disappointed with what had happened, but after the mascara had dried, I re-curled my lashes with the same steps as above, and found that the second curl lasted all day! So for my lashes at least there is a method that I must apply this mascara. I curl, apply, and curl once again. This gives me the desired effect and I am a happy camper.

Here are pictures of me wearing the mascara, I'm sorry that I did not give a before picture:

     Overall, I am pretty happy with this mascara. I recommend it to people who don't mind spending a little time on this mascara. It's a good mascara for weak lashes (removal issues) and for a everyday clean look that can be dramatized during the night time. Out of 10, I give this mascara an 8, because I like everything except for the fact that I have to curl my lashes twice. Plus the packaging is so cute!

     If you would like to purchase this mascara, it is a Sephora exclusive. You can buy it in Sephora stores and It sells for 24 dollars, not including tax.

     If you have any more questions, please leave a comment, I will be glad to reply!

Thanks for reading this review, byebye. :D


  1. Hey Valerie, Thank you so much for doing this review. I have similar issues with some of the mascaras I'm using right now where they are so heavy they kind of weigh down my curled lashes. This makes them look straight again. There seems to be so many mixed reviews for this item! I love the packaging and it's great to hear that it doesn't smudge. What kind of eye lash curler are you currently using?

  2. I was using the ELF curler for a long time and it had the perfect curve for my eye shape. However last year the curler broke and when I repurchase it from the ELF website the curler I received (2 actually) was totally different. The quality was sooo bad. Since then I bought a curler from Revlon and one from Sally Hanson. Both didn't fit my eye shape well. I'm thinking about investing in a high end curler now. Anyways I was just curious to what you were using.