Friday, March 4, 2011

Excuses Excuses

     So this past week, I actually had an amazing amount of posts ready to be posted up. 3! The most I would have ever done in a week, and especially a week day. But guess who lost her SD card with all her photos. Me.
     No worries, tomorrow, I will run to Walgreens and pick up two so that I'll always have a back up.
     So how have you all been? I've actually been wearing makeup every single day! But the problem is I have really dry flakes on my nose and I have to get rid of that because my foundation cakes horribly on that. Also, I think my foundation isn't that perfect natural look so I'm looking around for that perfect one. Recommendations?
     I'll hopefully have a post up tomorrow! Sorry for not being a good blogger.
Thanks for reading, byebye. ^_^

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  1. I've been trying to use up my make up and wear at least 2 items every day but so far in Feb I totally failed! If you have flakes try using a super moisturising product at night and a gentle exfoliater in the morning. Some cotton essence masks will will get rid of those as well. You can probably get those at your local china town or something.