Saturday, March 26, 2011

Essie Matte About You Finishing Coat Review

     As you saw in my last week nail post, I decided to try out the Essie Matte About You Finishing Coat. What the product does is mattify any polish you have whether it's a cream, metallic, or anything in between finish. I tried it on last week with Essie's My Place or Your Place polish with is a bright coral pink with a cream finish. I have left my nails for about a whole week, from last Sunday to today.

     I'll start with the application. Essie's Matte About You applies well, but you must be careful to work quickly because this dries soooo fast. If you apply more while the first coat is only half dry, I'm sure you will get streaks. To remedy this, use a larger amount on the first layer so that you won't even need the second layer. The formula is a bit watery, but I'm fine with it.

     Next, "strength". This finisher seems to dry in the first 10 minutes, but I really recommend you be super careful for the rest of the day. I did dishes...haha...and obviously got a dent. You also want to be careful not to touch the polish too much or that will create dents as well. OVer the week I noticed regular wearing away at the tips of my nails, but it really held out pretty well compare to other matte polishes that may only last a day.

     Lastly, lasting effects. This polish as you will see in pictures below with give you a very nice smooth matte finish. But by the 5-6th days, I noticed that my polish became more glossy and reflected light more than before. So please be aware that Matte About You will not last as well as a regular top coat.

     Overall, I like this quite a bit. I got this for 10.00$$ and I'm slightly sad that the polish became more glossy, but I got so many compliments on the first couple of days and I really don't mind in the end. I mean look at the before picture!!



     So thank you for reading my review on the Essie Matte About You Finishing Coat!

Thank you, byebye. :U

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  1. oh gosh.. love this colour but too bad i cant find essie nail polishes here.. :(