Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sephora ft. NARS Haul + Disappointment

     Today I went out and bought myself a new SD card which explains the makeup post, and also some NARS stuff I've have been dying for. LET ME FIRST SAY, when I came home and wanted to swatch some stuff. I found out they had been used!!!!!. NONONO, I'm going to exchange tomorrow. (:

I got a Boscia sampley thing for 500 points.
NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Cordura and Kalahari (FRIDGIN ALREADY OPENED PRODUCTS. GOING BACK TO EXCAHNGED TOMORROW!) No swatches because they are messed up. ):
NARS Lipglosses in Striptease and Turkish Delight.

NARS Lipglosses in Turkish Delight and Striptease

Swatches of NARS Lipglosses in Turkish Delight and Striptease. I kind of smeared Striptease so it looks sheerer than it really is.

     Thanks for reading and I will update tomorrow on the eyeshadows. Would you guys like reviews? 

Byebye. :P


  1. Arg! One time I purchased a Nars blush and when I opened it, it was used too! I hope they don't have heavy returns of Nars and try to put stuff back on the shelf. No no I'm being negative but come on Sephora!

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