Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Bite Your Nails: Revlon Raven Red Swatch

     I actually painted my nails this past Sunday, but school of course, took over my life again and I totally forgot I had taken pictures. These pictures are taken one day after being painted. The color is Revlon's Raven Red, which is a gorgeous dark burgundy red. The only problem, for me, of the mail polish is, that this is probably the only or one of the only nail polishes that form bubbles on me. Maybe it's because it takes too long to dry and I don't have that sort of patience. Also, this nail polish chipped on me by the 5th day, so it's relatively good, but I like to keep my nails for 7... Any who, here are pictures!

     Obviously you can see in the little dents, result from not waiting long before going off to play with my dogs... But I really like this red, it's a more "sultry" classic red. However, regardless of what company, be careful when you wear a red because the color tends to stain nails. I leave you with a rainbow, look carefully and you'll see it. I woke up and freaked out...haha...

     Thanks for reading, byebye. (:

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