Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dior Lip Addict Lipstick Quick Review + Swatches ft. Couture and Miss Dior

     When I got my recent Sephora haul in, I was expecting the Dior Lip Addict Lipstick in Couture to be a peachy pink color. Instead I got a sheet pinky red, of course, I don't unhappy...but with spring time coming, I've been searching for the perfect peachy lipstick. So on my next Sephora visit, when I originally planned to pick up the limited edition Hello Kitty palette, which was sold out, I picked up Miss Dior.

Top to bottom: 1 swipe of Couture, 3 swipes of couture, 1 swipe of Miss Dior, 3 swipes of Miss Dior

Bare lips for reference

864 Couture

343 Miss Dior

     As you can see, this lipsticks are very sheer. Which is my largest complaint, I'm basically worried that I paid $28 for .12 oz, but it'll run out so quickly since I need to apply so much more for the color to show. I guess you do pay a lot for the beautiful packaging, which I do adore. (:

     Couture is a sheer pinky red, it's similar to MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick, but it is obviously more sheer. Miss Dior is a very sheer peachy pinky, I mean super sheer. However, surprisingly, they last well on my lips. I got Couture to last at least 5 hours which is hecka good for sheer lipsticks. I'm not too sure about Miss Dior yet. I'm not going to return these lipsticks since I can just slap them on when I'm lazy, but I also don't think I'll be purchasing anymore, oh but there's a color called Bobo, and the swatches online look really pretty...

     That's all I can say about them for now, I'm pretty neutral slightly leaning negative because of the sheerness. I've been searching for that Hello Kitty palette, OMG 3 weeks in a row to check Sephora and I still can't get it!

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful. Byebye. B)

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  1. These look highly moisturizing like a balm. Sheer lipsticks never go wrong :)