Sunday, May 15, 2011

Smooth as a Baby's Butt: Philosophy Purity Cleanser Review

     When I buy a cleanser, it really depends on the purpose I want to use it for. When I bought the Philosophy Purity One-Step Cleanser, I definitely bought it based on the reason that it claims to remove all your makeup, deep clean your face, and tone it. The thing is, I shower when I come home which is around 5-6pm. Since my face will be wet, and I want to remove my makeup as soon as possible, I do it all in the shower. So Purity stays in my shower and I use it everyday. When I don't shower, I just use MAC wipes to remove my makeup which only happens once a week, probably on Fridays. 

     I really like Purity, I'm sure you've all seen other raves about this cleanser. But really, it does what it says. At first, I didn't like this cleanser very much, I don't know why, it just didn't appeal to me. But after I placed it in the shower, it became so convenient to use, and I starting really noticing the benefits.

     First of all, the positives... the cleanser removes all my makeup, and doesn't dry out my skin as long as I use a good moisturizer. I found that when I'm super tired, I can just wash my face with this and apply a moisturizer and I won't break out. That tells me that it really does a good job of cleaning my face. Short and simple huh?

     The negatives of this product are really case sensitive and they may only bother me, I'm nitpicking. The packaging of the first bottle I got was really sucky and it was hard to squeeze out product. The second bottle I got is totally different and product comes out very easily. There's also a very strong sort of alcohol smell, that bothers and irritates my eyes just a bit.

     I really think this is a nice cleanser, especially since it does what I want. I do recommend a separate eye makeup remover because this will not remove all of that stuff. I purchase the 8 floz bottle which is $18 and it lasts maybe 3-4 months. I will recored with my new bottle.

Thanks for reading! Byebye. >w <


  1. I like the purity cleanser too :) And I'm almost done my bottle (oh nooo) I didn't really like it at first either, but I think it grew on me. I think it takes off my make up decently, but not the best (I prefer the Pond's cold cream to completely take off my eye make up). Overall, I really like the Purity cleanser! I think I'll repurchase :)

  2. I used to loveeeeeeee purity soo much too until i found out that it can be harmful to our skin and collagen with all the irritating ingredients T_T can read reviews from Paula Begoun (she knows all about the ingredients)at and just search "purity" =S but seriously i used to lovee this stuff cleanse my skin soo well but im too scared to used it now =[

  3. This is one of my favorite cleansers :) The bottle is a little hard to use sometimes, I agree, but the cleanser itself is pretty awesome :)