Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rock&Republic Eyeshadow Swatches and Review :D

     I've been meaning to do this post for a while now, and I finally decided to since I'm taking a break from writing my finals paper. I purchased these myself quite a while back and I still remember my day long bus ride to pick them up from the UPS station. These are the Rock&Republic Eyeshadows. I have them in Ambition, Veil, Sabotage, and Fiend. Sketchy names, hmm?

     All the swatches are taken under natural light. (:

     Ambition in a white with very apparent gold shimmer/duochrome. Veil is a off-white beige matte color. Sabotage is a lighter shimmery brown with a bit of taupe, it leans cool. Fiend is a blackened navy black with blue specks in it.

     The pigmentation and texture of these shadows vary slightly. Ambition is nicely pigmented and very smooth. Veil lacks just a bit in terms of pigmentation, and although it is smooth, it can get chalky. Sabotage is pigmented, although not as much as Ambition, it's smooth, but not too smooth. Fiend is a bit more sheer, and a bit harder than the other three shadows.

     The application of these shadows also vary. They wear very well though, I can get through the whole day without much fading. Ambition glides on well, but it's also a pretty weird/hard color to wear. You need to know where to wear it and how much to use. If you use this on the inner corner I recommend a light layer or it will look super unnatural, unless you want that. Ambition does look really good as a lid color over a gold base like MAC's Rubenesque Paint Pot. Veil is a nice brow bone color, it applies well. Sabotage looks so good as a lid color, it was in my most recent favorites post. Fiend is harder to apply than the other colors because of the black in it. It tends to lose the blue the more you blend it.

     The packaging is absolutely funtabulousssssss. It's so classy and rich. I do admit that these are very heavy and bulky. Also the exterior packaging that they came in were absolute wastes, it was a bit extreme on that end.

     Overall, I'm satisfied with these shadows. I've learned to work with all of them so that none of them will go to waste. I definitely recommend Sabotage. You can get these on Hautelook once in a while, but I'm pretty sure that these aren't sold on the Rock&Republic site anymore. 

     Thanks for reading, hope this is helpful. Byebye. >w   <


  1. I have to agree w/you how beautiful the packaging is for these e/s! :)

  2. the packaging always catches my attention!! I love sooo sooo muchh!! but I've never tried these before =[

  3. @ Rainy Days and Lattes: Right? Makes me feel luxurious!

    @ThisIsAlx: Definitely try some out next time they're on Hautelook or where ever you can get them!