Thursday, April 21, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Swatches and Quick Review!

     Funny to say, I wanted to make the swatches after I had picked up everything I wanted from the collection. My first haul included Naked and In Synch lip liners and Giggly Mineralized  Blush. On my second trip, I realized that Miss Behave Mineralized Blush was not what I wanted and Candy Yum Yum was sold out... I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THAT LIPSTICK THE FIRST TIME. AUGHHHHH. Anyways I can only swatch what I got originally...

Left to right: Heart, surrounding, mixed

Bare lips for reference.

In Synch Lip Liner 

Naked Lip Liner

Top to bottom: Naked Lip liner, In Synch Lip Liner

     Well, Giggly Mineralized Blush is a cool baby pink with a bit of plum. It's actually probably only my second pinky blush since I lean towards other colors. It applies sheer, but you can build it up very well. It leaves a subtle sheen on the cheek and it's not glitter or a noticeable shimmer.

     Naked Lip Liner is a light flesh tone that is like Myth Lipstick in lip liner form. This will be good for nude lips.

     In Synch Lip Liner is a light cool toned baby pink that will be good for nudey pink lips.

So, that was quick! Thanks for reading. Byebye. 8) 

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