Saturday, April 30, 2011

OOTD 4/30: Casual Tea

     I HAVEN'T POSTED IN AT LEAST A WEEK, OMFG. Basically, I had a in-class essay to prepare for, and this time, my teacher decided that we could only sort our evidence, but no outline. That's all I did this week. Oh and other homework. But since I'm finally on my weekend, I thought it should be time to post something.

     I'm going to a party today, and we're going to be drinking tea and all that shit. Haha. So the host said we should dress casually, but in a dress. So here's what I'm going in.
     I'm not upset, my face just turned out that way! I'm not wearing makeup yet, so yeah. My dress is from Forever 21 and my shoes are from DSW, they're the Madden Girl Kallie Wedges. 
     I love them, do you guys remember in one of my posts where I said I regretted not picking the shoes up when they had my size? Well, after some reading, I found that the show runs a little large so I went ahead and picked up the size 7. They are a bit small, but not so much that I'm bothered.
     Haha, so this was kind of a bad post cause I'm not really wearing anything other than these two things. I put on a couple rings after...

Thanks for reading! Byebye. >w <

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