Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dare to Wear, Bright Orange Lipstick? How to Wear MAC Morange Lipstick Swatches, Tips, and Quick Review

     It's rare to see people step outside of their comfort zones and wear a pop of color, especially when it involves makeup. But in my opinion, it is always possible to wear color and make it look good. Along with my love of peach, I just can not ignore orange. And where else would I wear color other than my lips (I love to step out with a pretty lip)? Here's swatches, a quick review, and how I wear an orange lip with MAC Morange Amplified Creme Lipstick.

     MAC Morange is a true orange with a neon tone to it. It's creamy and crazy pigmented. My lip lines are pretty apparent, but the lipstick does not bring them out more. I get about 5 or more hours of wear with the lipstick since it stains the lips. In the next swatches, you can see how wearable this bright orange can be, but also how intense. (Sorry for the change in lighting of the pictures!)

     So I'm pretty sure the bare lips and full on swatches are self explanatory, but let me explain the second middle swatch. Basically, I swiped the lipstick on my bottom lip about twice and right in the center. Then, after blending by rubbing my lips together, I did some additional blending with my ring finger. The results with a full face photo is...

     I think the middle is the most flattering, however, I really enjoyed the full on lips. After the full on swatch, I blotted away most of the excess, applied some lip balm, and blended once again with my finger. But that's how easy it is, and I think the look is so flattering. I kept my eyes simple and totally matte, with a touch of dramatic mascara, and added a light flush of an orange blush on the cheeks.

    Then I started camera-whoring. B)

     So, I definitely recommend trying out an ORANGE (haha) lip. It can turn out very flattering, and you can just use the lipstick as a tint. Not matter how pale, how dark, how shy, or how confident you are about your orange lips, you only need to learn how to modify how much you apply and what suits your skin tone. (Darker skin girls look really pretty with orange tones!)

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