Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't Bite Your Nails: ORLY Rage Swatches and Quick Review

     I'm really late on the rose gold- trend, so I though I would keep it simple and just try a polish. ORLY's Rage nail polish has been going around the blogging and Youtubing world as, "the rose-gold polish". My take?

     Sincerely, I think that Rage is not really a rose-gold, but more of a rose-silver. Even so, I do like it a lot. ORLY Rage is a mix of pink copper and silver. It has an immense amount of super small shimmer that coats evenly. This polish is incredibly pigmented- with one good coat you can get opaque metallic nails. The brush applies the product perfectly, and I did not have to worry too much about streaking. I think that because of the dense amounts of shimmer, the polish dries very quickly. Rage is very flashy, my fingers are a disco ball.

When I was bored a couple of nights ago, I slapped on some random makeup and cam-whored a bit. Excuse the dark circles, they don't go away. Those two lines from my eyes to the ends of my brows are natural, they don't go away either. (:

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