Sunday, July 3, 2011

Passion for Peach + Don't Bite Your Nails: ORLY First Kiss Swatch and Quick Review

     I love peach, it brightens my complexion and gives me a girly glow, I feel so much more alive wearing it. I wear neutral eyes so much, like most girls, and I find that peach blushes and lipsticks look gorgeous paired with a brown eye. Anywho, this series will provide 
swatches and reviews (or quick reviews) on peach colored products I adore.

     As my search for the perfect peach everything continues, I had to find a nail polish to fit the categories. Unfortunately, the peach polishes that I have found are all very sheer even if the colors are exactly what I'm looking for. Although ORLY's First Kiss is not exception, I'm placing it in my Passion for Peach category (only for the peach products I like), because it dries faster than Zoya Lulu (not in Passion for peach).

     My hands are so dry! Isn't it pretty?

     ORLY First Kiss is a baby milky pinked peach with a jelly finish. For this swatch I used 2 very think coats. You can still see through to my nails, but the nail polish dries fast enough that I think I could suffer through to a third coat. Although First Kiss is a pale polish, I don't find that it streaks as much because it has the jelly consistency. There was a bit Essie Matte About You Finisher for a more interesting texture. I would recommend this polish for a French Manicure, probably not how I did things. (:

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  1. Very pretty. :) I love Essie's Matte About You.

  2. I actually love that shade~ I like how matte it looks.

  3. @ JC: I love it too! I don't have to buy any matte polishes and I can change any polish into a matte polish. I'm thinking it would be cool with a glitter polish.

    @PopBlush: Yay, peaches. (: