Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dare to Wear, Hot Coral Lipstick? MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Swatches and Quick Review

      Sadly the lipstick was a bit too much for my camera to handle, resulting the the muted full face swatch. But hey, the lip and hand swatches are pretty good. Hehheh. MAC Vegas Volt, oh hey, this is summertime in a lipstick.

Left to right: Bare lips for reference, MAC Vegas Volt

     MAC Vegas Volt is a true pink coral (since there are orange corals). As the MAC finish suggested, this lipstick has a cream finish, that leaves a subtle sheen. The lipstick is also very pigmented as it is an amplified finish. It glides on smoothly, does not feeling drying, and as far as I can tell, it does not sink into my lip lines. I find that this wears away evenly and also stains my lips a bit. I get about 4 hours of wear with this, probably because the lipstick is so creamy.

     This is such a fun color, it's not as loud as a red or an orange, but it still gives a pop. It's perfect for the summertime, and overall, the feeling of the lipstick makes me recommend it. I think this would look great on tanned skinned people.

Hurz a picz wit muh faz.
The lipstick is a bit muted in the pic.

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  1. oh my.. I just love that color... and you have the most amazing lips :)

  2. @Natasha: Thank you! It's lovely. (:
    @RainyDaysandLattes: Thank you, I think it suits many people.