Saturday, July 16, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Mineralized Skinfinishes and Blush Swatches and Quick Review

     I should have done these swatches far earlier since some of these products may be sold out already, but whatever. Here are some swatches of MAC's Semi-Precious collection.

MAC Warmth of Coral Mineralized Blush

MAC Semi-Precious Rose Quartz Mineralized Skinfinish
Left to right swatches: center, outer, mixed

MAC Semi-Precious Pearl Mineralized Skinskinfinish
Left to right swatches: center, outer, mixed

     Warmth of Coral does not seem to have any coral, instead it's just an orangey peach. It has a matte texture and is very smooth and finely milled. However, it does not last too long on the cheeks as with most mineralized products.
     Semi-Precious Rose Quartz is a really pretty rosey pink when mixed. It has more gritty glitters, but it doesn't really bother me. It's gives a rosy glow when applied.
     Semi-Precious Pearl is a light bronzy gold when mixed. This has less glitter and more shimmer than Rose Quartz. I think it actually gives a really pretty color applied on the cheeks, kind of like bronzer, but lighter? The plum in the center veining is really pretty.
Both of the mineralize skinfinishes, do not last too long on the cheeks, but it's decent.

Sorry this post seems so rushed, I'm trying to save as many pictures as I can.

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  1. Really pretty!!!!!! :) I haven't gotten around to getting any of the collection yet :p

  2. @RainyDaysandLattes: Check it out, you might like something!