Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dare to Wear, Hot Coral Lips? Illamasqua Brink Lipstick Swatches + Quick Review

     My face has not been so pretty, a result from breakouts and late nights. But whatever, I'm sure you guys don't mind. So any who, I can always brighten up my complexion with a bit of a bright lipstick. Once again, excuse the pimple on the side of the mouth, and also the eye bags. Man, the pimple decided to disappear only after I had taken my swatches. ):

     Illamasqua Brink is a orange coral that shows up very bright in real life. Like in my previous post, Brink similar to Obey is meant to be a matte lipstick. When applied without a lip balm it truly is matte, but being matte the lipstick can be quite drying. For this reason, I apply lip balm and the lipstick looks like it has a sheen. Being a matte lipstick, Brink is extremely pigmented and I barely need any. With well moisturized lips, Brink does not sink into my lip lines at all. As a brighter lipstick, I was not surprised that this lipstick lasted quite well on my lips (5-7 hours, without eating). It does leave a slight stain. There is no smell and the packaging is sleek. Downsides to the packaging is that it seems the bullet isn't too strong and the bullet can break from the base or shift around.

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  1. I love Illamasqua~ That shade is such a pretty coral on you~

  2. @PopBlush: I like the brand too! Thank you. (: