Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Wondering! Please Give Me Suggestions. :D

     Hey everyone, I haven't been blogging consistently because I've been in turmoil. Not extreme turmoil, but I find my blog a bit boring since all I do is swatches, reviews, and hauls. It would be really helpful if any of you could suggest to me what you like to blog about or would like to read about. Of course, I will continue to do the normal stuff I do, but I really want to make this blog more than what I already have. To take it to a different level, you know? So please so tell me, not just on this post, but on any of my blog posts later on whenever you get an idea.

Thanks for reading! Please leave suggestions and follow my blog. Byebye. :6


  1. I really like your blog! Makeup tutorials maybe? And more reviews on drugstore items! Thanks:)

  2. @anonymous: thank you so much! I definitely will soon, when I have time to sit down and get to work on figuring out my camera and film. I will try to do that. (: