Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Muh Favs: June 2011 + Swatches

     Summerrereretime. Woohoo. I'm well into the summertime, and oh my god, now I'm thinking that junior year is going to start (hardest year in highschool). Unfortunately, a large portion of my summer in a SAT class, but hey, I won't have to get use to going to school everyday when school starts. And my class is pretty fun. I've also had a huge amount of time to shop, and for some reason my relatives (I have like 50) have been giving my so many gift cards which explains the huge collective haul I have coming up. Am I forgetting some Asian holiday? Anyways, good for me, since I seriously did not spend money on most of the stuff I got since summer started. Anywho, I took less pictures for this favorites because I'm running out of photo storage for Blogger, but I'll be sure to explain well. (:

     Clockwise starting from the Dove Deodorant and ending with the two products in the middle... 

1. Dove Ultimate Sensitive Care Fragrance Free Deodorant is my new favorite deodorant. I've tried other deodorants, but I always got tired of the smell. I like this because although it is fragrance free, I find that it mixes with my natural smell and makes me smell good without being too prominent. 
2. (Swatched below) Benefit Sugarbomb Box Powder is a repeat favorite. It's one of my favorite blushes, and when I don't know what to wear, I just grab this. It smells amazing. It gives me a glow. It has peach in it. What else could I ask for?
3. (Swatched below) Benefit Hoola Box Powder  is a repeat favorite as well. I use this strictly for contouring (With my wonderful MAC 109). Hoola's just perfect, I use it everyday under my cheekbones and on my jawline. It has a very natural color and doesn't turn orange on me. It is quite pigmented, so I only use a bit for natural definition.
4. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Cream Light 4-5 is also a repeat favorite. It's just very easy to use, and it doesn't get cakey, and mattifies. The shade I have is light for me, but since there is barely any coverage it doesn't make me paler, but it does a little brightening. The one in the picture is a backup as I am finishing up the first one. First product I've hit pan on!
5. (Swatched below) Illamasqua Love Powder Blush is a beautiful matte peach blush. Amazing formula, amazing color, amazing packaging. I look healthy wearing this, and it works with my muddy tan to make me look more awake.
6. (Swatched below) MAC Chromographic Liner in NC15/NW20 is one of those flesh-tone liners. Like most people I use it on the water line to brighten my eyes and make them look slightly larger. Nice and creamy, decent last power, and it can be used as on the go concealer!
7. (Swatched below) Sample Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee is a crazy creamy black brown eyeliner. It seriously is like butter and just melts when in contact with something. Very nice pigmentation and it's really good for a smoked out look.
8. (Swatched below) MAC Gotta Dash! Supreme Sheen Lipstick is a must have lipstick to me. If you read this blog, I think you know how much I love this baby. I won't say too much since I have it reviewed here: http://valeriestlbm.blogspot.com/2011/06/passion-for-peach-mac-gotta-dash.html
9. (Swatched below) Eyeshadow Combo! MAC All That Glitters, Rock & Republic Sabotage, MAC Satin Taupe has been a frequently worn eyeshadow combination for me this month. I use All that Glitters on the lid, Satin Taupe in the outer-v and crease and Sabotage right in between the two previous shadows.
10. Sally Hansen Grown Nails Now! is a nail serum that I began using after my nails became weak after so much nail polish. Since using this, my nails have not chipped or broken. They're seriously hard as rocks now, haha. I'm very impressed.
11. Maybelline One by One Mascara is not a gimmick, it really does what the company says it does. Right now this is my favorite and HG mascara. I have it reviewed here alongside the Falsies: http://valeriestlbm.blogspot.com/2011/06/compare-maybelline-falsies-and-one-by.html
Swatches? I think, yes.

Left to right: Illamasqua Lover, Benefit Sugarbomb, Benefit Hoola

Left to right: MAC Gotta Dash!, MAC NC15/NW20, Lancome Black Coffee

Eye Combo, left to right: MAC All That Glitters, R&R Sabotage, MAC Satin Taupe

     That's it for my favorites of June. Did you guys have a good July 4th? I spent the day hanging out with my friends, eating, shopping, and eating again with the fam bam. I have more Passion for Peach posts coming. I also may do a video for a huge collective haul that may include things I've featured on this blog. If I can't figure out the video, than I won't do the haul since the haul is way to big. I hope you all had a good month, and let's enjoy July. 

Thanks for reading! Please comment and follow my blog. Byebye. Oc O


  1. A lot of great items here. I use the same deodorant, except with the green cap, and I love Lover, Sugarbomb, and Hoola!

  2. @JC: Yay blush and deodorant. Haha.