Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Compare&Contrast: Maybelline Falsies and One by One Mascara Swatches and Review

     Promised, a long time ago, is my review of the Maybelline mascaras I hauled a while back (One By One to come next), so here is my review and comparison of the Falsies and the One by One. I know you've all probably seen a bagillion reviews on these mascaras, but I figured that mascaras work differently on everyone, so it never hurts to see another view. I'll just first say I am pretty happy with these mascaras, and quite frankly amazed (with one of them). Both of these are in the waterproof formula.

Maybelline the Falsies Swatches: Lemme just say, my bottom lashes on this side just don't take mascara well.

Maybelline One by One Swatches: OMG, I don't know how the lighting changed so dramatically!

     Let me make clear once again that the lower lashes that the Falsies was swatched on never works well with mascara, even if I had used the One by One mascara it wouldn't have made a difference.
     I have moderate to short length lashes that are pretty sparse and are weak/fall out often; they also stay straight down. So what I look for in my mascaras is most importantly, it holds my curl and lengthens; volumizing is always a plus. Basically, I want fluttery, light looking lashes, but I also want to build up and have dramatic lashes without looking spidery.
     I'm going to outright say that I prefer the One by One mascara, it just does everything I want it to do. It's kind of sad, because not even my expensive mascaras do what this can do, so I paid for all that stuff for nothing because I found a wonderful drugstore one.
     Starting off with similarities, both mascaras have the same "wetness", bad mascara smell that I continue to whiff throughout the day (this is a downside), and extreme waterproof-ness which is hard to remove (stays all day, but this is a downside for me because the removal of the mascara includes the removal of my lashes). Those are basically the only downsides to the mascaras to me. Now although I just said the waterproof-ness can be a negative, it is also a positive, because both of these mascaras hold my curl for the whole day. I always think that these mascaras work better after a couple uses, because I didn't care for them for the first 4-5 uses. Also, both, no all, mascaras smudge on my lower lash line, I have not found on that does not.
     Now differences... 
     Obviously the wands are different; the One by One being that sorta of soft rubbery plastic kind and the Falsies being a two length fiber wand. I think the One by One wand works better for separation, and the Falsies wand for volumizing and thickening. 
     In terms of the overall look, I feel that the One by One is far superior to the Falsies because it not only lengthens but it also separates every single lash which in turn makes me look like I have more lashes/volumizes. One by One fans out all of my lashes for a clean defined look, but I can still build up for nice dramatic lashes. 
     I think because One by One impressed me so much, I was a disappointed in the Falsies. First of all because I wasn't expecting much from the One by One, so having such high expectations for the Falsies from all the reviews, I was expecting ten times more from the Falsies. Instead, for me, the Falsies didn't do better  than the One by One. It's just too normal...and I even experience a bit of clumping because my lashes are so thin.
     So, in conclusion, if the Falsies did not work for you or you haven't not given the One by One the time of day, go try Maybelline One by One. I was pleasantly surprised, and gosh... One by One is kind of becoming my everyday mascara/HG, and that's big since I seriously change mascara everyday. I did try Falsies over One by One and I got even better lashes.

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  1. I looooove The Falsies despite its flakiness! Great comparison, thank you (:

  2. @ Gaby: Thank you! Hope it was helpful. (: