Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yup, another Haul: Lancome Lipgloss and Lipsticks

     Yes, I have another haul...but I really suck at thinking up things to do. Leave me suggestions please! Don't worry, the post after this is a swatch+review post. (: I just want to show you what I got so you may try and predict what will be in my next posts, or if you want something, you can ask me right away. So, I really like shopping from Lancome, although I never get anything because of the price. They provide a great amount of samples that are a pretty good size. For example, in this order, I got a whole lipstick, although the packaging was really bad, but whatever, a whole lipstick! Here's what I got:

     So in the order there were samples of Lancome Bright Expert, High Resolution Cream, Genefique Serum, Le Crayon Khol in Black Brown, Juicy Tube in Moulin Rose, and Color Design Lipstick in Wannabe (the black tube with no box). The only things I purchased were Color Fever Gloss in Paradise Peach from the summer collection, and Stylista and Corset Color Design Matte Lipsticks. 

     I've already slightly experimented with everything, and let me tell you, the Matte lipsticks are from another world. OMG amazing. Well, I'll save it for a review and after I've tested wear and all that. (:

Thanks for reading, and putting up with these hauls. Please leave a comment and follow! Byebye. >w <''

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  1. woahhhh! So much lancome stuff! (: I love how the high end brands give you free stuff when you purchase over a certain amount! ^^ Yayy free stuff!!