Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't Bite Your Nails: Essie Braziliant Swatch and Review

     I finally did something summer-like and went swimming with my friends.To celebrate/prepare, I put on some nail polish that kinda coordinated with my swim top. I chose Essie Braziliant from the Braziliant collection, and mhmm, I love it.

     First of all, my swimsuit, was purchased from Old Navy. If you wanted to know. The swatch is only one coat of Essie Braziliant, with OPI Start to Finish as my base and top coat.
     Essie's Braziliant is a bright emergency orange with a pink duo-chrome. I was happily surprised with this polish, since I haven't had the greatest experiences with Essie polishes. First of all, I don't love the size of the Essie polish brush, it's just too small in my opinion. Second of all, the Essie polishes that I have tried are basically all either sheer, streaky, thick, or take forever to dry. That being said, I was thoroughly surprised with Braziliant because it was opaque in one coat, and it applied relatively smoothly. Although, if I was not careful, I could mess the polish up and get weird streaking. In one good coat, my nails were completely opaque, however, I will try the polish with two coats later on because I don't think the pink duo-chrome transferred well and it may be because I did not apply two coats. Other than that, I'm pretty much very happy with this polish.

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