Monday, June 6, 2011

FREAKING OUT, Eye Primers Not Working. ;_;

     I'm soooo frustrated. My Urban Decay Primer Potion in the Original and Eden (matte skin tone) both crease horribly on my eyelids. It only happens in the very inner crease because that's where my eye is basically totally covered. It's just a big mess, I really can stand it.

Any suggestions, I have been researching like crazy and some candidates are Benefit Stay Don't Stray (don't like the packaging), NARS Primer, By Terry Eye Primer. Yeah. I'm really stuck. Eyeshadows are just a mess because I can find a good primer. Oh and if you know any solutions to oil eyelids that would also be very helpful.

Note that both UDPPs work on the outer half of my lid, but not the inner. WHICH SUCKS.

Thanks for reading, please help! Byebye. ^_^


  1. haha we must have the same type of lids! i've tried so many as well. i was so sad bc udpp is hg for so many people.

    i tried benefit stay don't stray and it didn't work that well for me. nars primer still had a bit of smudging. i've also tried too faced, stila prime pot.

    so far, all of these work about the same as my elf mineral eyeshadow primer which is only 3 dollars. right now i'm trying lorac's behind the scenes eye primer.

    the sephora ladies also suggested smashbox primer, or to first apply concealer, powder, and then primer.

    haha long post but it's bc i totally relate!

  2. aw thanks for updating me. yeah i've been experimenting too. when i apply my maybelline fit me concealer, then some bareminerals multitasking minerals as powder to set it. that alone works pretty well as primer as well.

    now i'm trying to layer primer on top of that combo.