Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MAC Superslick Liners in Defiantly Feline and Smoky Heir Swatches and Review

     The MAC Superslick Liners came out with the Fabulous Felines collections, and joined the permanent line, and I'm very glad for that. These come in 9 colors, and each run for $17.50 and you get .06 fl oz which is more than the Lancome Art Liners and the Revlon Colorstay Liner. I have Defiantly Feline and Smoky Heir. Here are some pictures. (:

     So hopefully you can tell, but Defiantly Feline is the brown one, and Smoky Heir is the purple one. Unfortunately, you can't see the shimmers in the swatch as in real life. Defiantly Feline is a milk chocolate brown with golden shimmers running through it, so the liner gives off a bit of a bronzy tone, although I consider it brown. Smokey Heir is a midtone-dark purple with intense blue and red shimmers. In natural lighting, only the blue shimmers show, and it gives the purple a blue tone; in artificial lighting, the red shimmers shine nicely. Both of the liners have very finely milled shimmers, so they barely show, only when you turn your head in a certain angle can you really see the shimmers. The shimmers in both show intensely when in artificial lighting.
     I really adore the packaging and the applicator. The packaging is simple and sleek. The applicator is the perfect balance between stiff and flexibility, so that I can't really control the product without poking or hurting my eyes. You also don't pick up too much product. However, please note that it is my preference, so it may not work for you.
     The color payoff of these is really nice, you don't need to apply more than one coat for a really nice opaque line. The formula does take a little time to dry, but I find that that is the same for all liquid liners.
     The liners wear really well and they seriously don't run when they've dried down. After I swatched the product and allowed it to dry, I tried really hard to rub, and even sratch, the swatches and nothing moved. They also don't run or smear on my oily lids. However, I pretty sure these will flake off if you expose them to water and rub your eyes; if you don't rub, they won't move. My problem with these, and all liquid liners I use is that my eyelash curler removes them when I curl my lashes, and I really don't know why.
     So that's all I'll say about these liners, I really like them and I'll definitely check out the over colors to see if I like them. Oh and my friends purchased the Defiantly Feline Liner for me, I love it! Thank you!

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