Thursday, June 16, 2011

Passion for Peach: YSL rouge Volupte Lipstick Swatch and Review ft. 13 Peach Passion and 30 Faubourg Peach

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     As promised, this post is a swatch and review on my Yves Saint Laurent rouge Volupte Lipsticks in 13 Peach Passion and 30 Faubourg Peach. I purchased these as I was looking for the perfect milky peach. Originally, when I tried on Peach Passion in Sephora I was like OMFG, found it. Of course, Sephora lighting isn't always right, so when I returned home and tried it in natural lighting I was like something's wrong. However, I really liked the texture of the lipstick, so I didn't want to return it. Instead I decided to throw out a huge sum of money for a second one. I picked up Faubourg Peach, and boy, I'm really satisfied with both of these lipsticks. Please understand that the lip swatches are very light because I wear them like this. If I had applied a bit more, I would have full coverage lipstick. I just like it more sheer.

Peach Passion on left, Faubourg Peach on right.

Faubourg Peach on top, Peach Passion on bottom.

Peach Passion on left, Faubourd Peach on right.

13 Peach Passion

30 Faubourg Peach

     As you can see in the swatches, they look very natural because I only patted the lipsticks on. If I had swiped, the color of my lips would be totally replaced with the color of the lipstick.
     Peach Passion is a slightly bright milky coral pink with just a touch of peach. the name is a bit misleading as it implies that the lipstick will be more peach, however, it didn't work out for me that way. Applied sheerly, you will get a nice coral pink, applied opaque and you will get a true coral pink. Faubourg Peach is a true milky peach. Applied lightly, my lips will make the lipstick a bit more pink, applied opaquely and my lips will be totally peach.
     These lipsticks have no shimmer, however, because of the creamy texture, they leave a pretty sheen. Like I said, these are amazingly creamy and smooth, applying them is like apply butter on your lips, and that's why these lipsticks are so renowned. You can definitely shose the intensity of these lipsticks: pat for sheer application, and swipe for more color. These lipsticks feel very moisturizing on my lips, and they actually seem to mask the lines in my lips rather than accentuate. One downfall to the amazing creaminess, is the wear time. If I don't eat then I can get 3-4 hours if I'm careful. With eating, these lipsticks are basically gone.
     The packaging of these lipsticks is so dang amazing. I feel so rich holding and applying the lipstick. It's a rosy gold with the YSL emblem on the side and you can see the lipstick color through the packaging. There's also a mirror on the cap of the lipstick. One problem I have though is, like most luxury lipsticks, the name of the color is not on the lipstick, only the number is written.
     Overall, I really recommend these lipsticks, if you have the money. If you don't have the money, opt for MAC Cremesheens, although you will see a huge difference if you were  to try the Rouge Volupte's. These are seriously some of the best lipsticks I've ever tried.

     Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful. Please comment and follow! Byebye. C:


  1. Both look gorgeous, I can't pick a favorite!

  2. i love peach passion..

  3. did u try num 26 tender peach???..
    i don't know witch one to choose i want a peach one just peach..
    so now i see peach passion -->>pinky one...
    so now between
    peach faubourg
    tender peach
    witch one do u think more peach??

  4. @Anonymous: I don't know if you'll see this, but I have tried 26 Tender Peach. I just realized I haven't reviewed it! It's definitely the most peach of the three though . (:

  5. thx u for ur replay
    i got num #13 it's really very pinky...but it is a nice color...nice pink
    caz it is the only num that i found
    but i need a very peach color
    i asked my friend in another city she found only num #30 ..she didn't find num #26
    should i buy 30?? is it peach one in real?? caz real not like cam u know
    do u have a facebook prof???

  6. @Anonymous: Hi again, glad you saw the reply. I would say 26 is the one to go with. 30 is very coral. If you check out my youtube videos, there's a getting ready video when I use 26 and it's obviously the most peach. Sorry, I don't have a fb page to share.