Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't Bite Your Nails: OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Stranger's Tide Swatches and Review

     Although minty greens have been a huge trend this year, I just could not justify purchasing one because the color just makes me look muddy/dirty. However, when I started seeing swatches come out for the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection, Stranger's Tide just caught my eye.

     Guess who's happy? The color in the swatch is a bit more vibrant than the color actually is, this is two layers. Stranger's Tide is a pale muted sea foam green that is cool-neutral and as far as I'm concerned there is no blue in it. It's a little darker than it looks from the bottle. The polish applies a bit streaky in the first coat, which I find to happen with most pale polishes, but it does even out well in the second coat. Either ways, your top coat should fix any problems. Although the polish streaks a bit, the formulation is pretty different than other pale polishes as it is not thick and goopy, but rather liquidy. I definitely prefer this because it is less chance for error. The polish dries well, so it's the first time in a couple weeks that I haven't had to deal with those nasty bubbles. It also kind of plays with two trends, minty green polish and also nudes.
     Overall, I'm really happy that I've found a green polish that suits me and doesn't look like it's time for Christmas. I think this will be a favorite for the fall as well. (:

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  1. i love mint green colors!! this is such a pretty one!!!